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The top 5 things you need to know about this morning

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Stock futures indicated gains this morning, following a record rally yesterday that boosted all three major averages. So far the Dow Jones Industrial Average is up 6.5% for the year, while the Nasdaq Composite has increased 43% during that same time frame, and the S&P 500 has risen 15.6%.

Yesterday the House pushed through its vote to increase stimulus checks to $2,000, but it remains to be seen whether such a measure would make it through the Senate (more on that, below).

And Boeing’s 737 Max will take to the air today after two fatal wrecks kept it grounded for almost two years.

What else is happening in the markets this morning?

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These are the Wall Street confessions you need to hear

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Wall Street Confessions from an Ex-Floor Trader Turned Multimillionaire

Even as 22 million Americans lost their jobs… 97,000 small businesses closed for good… and riots spread through every major American city…

Wall Street continued to rake in money:

  • Goldman Sachs brought in $10.748 billion so far.
  • JPMorgan brought in $29.94 billion.
  • Morgan Stanley brought in $11.7 billion.

Now, how have these firms done so well when the entire world is paralyzed by a pandemic?
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NOT by playing fair, I’ll tell you that much.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t level the playing field…

And use Wall Street for your own financial gain.
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You see, one former floor trader made himself a millionaire by beating Wall Street at its own game.

He discovered an obscure 18-digit “code” that let him see when the hedge funds and investment banks were making incredibly lucrative trades. The kinds of trades that almost certainly had the benefit of inside information.
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This is what we can expect from the Senate on stimulus

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Yesterday, the House agreed, in a 275-134 vote, to increase the dollar amount on stimulus checks for most Americans, following a directive from President Donald Trump.

This measure would boost the $600 payments to $2,000.

But the bill would also need to garner support from the Senate in order to pass. In his statement on the stimulus package Sunday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell never mentioned whether his chamber would take up the issue.

That said, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has suggested that he would bring it up today.

“Every Senate Democrat is for this much-needed increase in emergency financial relief, which can be approved tomorrow if no Republican blocks it-there is no good reason for Senate Republicans to stand in the way,” Schumer said.

If this increase does pass, how would it impact when you receive your check?

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