This is what you can (and cannot) do after the vaccine

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The markets might be closed today, but trivia is still open. Back on this day in 1985, the markets were open, and the Dow closed at a new record high.

Do you know what that milestone number was?

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This is the latest on the lawsuit Amazon just filed

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Amazon preemptively sued the New York attorney general to keep her from demanding the company to improve its response to the pandemic.

Apparently, Amazon felt that Attorney General Letitia James had threatened to sue “if it does not immediately agree to a list of demands, many of which have no connection to health and safety and have no factual or legal basis.”

In response, James said that Amazon is merely trying to avoid responsibility.

“Let me be clear,” she said. “We will not be intimidated by anyone, especially corporate bullies that put profits over the health and safety of working people. We remain undeterred in our efforts to protect workers from exploitation and will continue to review all of our legal options.”

What else should you know as this case unfolds?

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This is what you can (and cannot) do after the vaccine

Image Source: CNBC

Because it is still unclear whether a vaccinated person can transmit the virus to someone who hasn’t yet received the shot, some health experts are urging people to proceed with caution, even after getting both doses of the vaccine.

“If you are in a household with small children [who don’t yet qualify for the vaccine] or even children with a heightened risk…or even yourself if you are at heightened risk, despite being vaccinated, you should consider taking precautions when indoors, wearing masks. Stay outdoors with people if possible,” said Dr. Kavita Patel, of the Brookings Institution.

She shared her thought process in terms of what feels safe (and what still doesn’t) after receiving the vaccine.

“I’m still doing all those things we’ve been talking about –that we are pretty fatigued from doing– until we have more data that I can’t give [the virus] to somebody who has not been vaccinated,” she said.

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