This is the latest reason the National Guard was deployed

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On this day in 2007, what did Steve Jobs just unveil?

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This is what economists are saying about the job picture

Image Source: Reuters

Yesterday’s report on December jobs was disappointing…to say the least. While economists had anticipated a meager 50,000 in new payrolls, the reality was much more harsh. A total of 140,000 jobs were lost last month as the pandemic persists in this country, taking a record 4,000 lives in a single day earlier this week.

Which areas of the economy were the most impacted?

“It’s a [virus] jobs report, heavily concentrated in restaurants and bars, and education,” said economist Diane Swonk. “Schools that had opened had to close again, and universities went online.”

But which sectors actually saw growth during the holidays, and what do economists have to say about recovery as we move forward?

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This is the latest reason the National Guard was deployed

Image Source: Reuters

It’s no secret that the vaccination process is taking longer than anyone could have anticipated. Dozens of states are seeking the help of the National Guard to speed things along. So far, that has meant 20,000 members are now involved in anything from giving the shots themselves to handling administrative work.

“The power of the military is logistics,” one military analyst said. “The guard will be able to add to state and local health facilities and take some of the burden off the civilian medical infrastructure.”

But, of course, there are challenges, too. What are they exactly, and how can the National Guard potentially get more Americans vaccinated in a shorter amount of time?

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