This is the hilarious response to when a suspect tries to steal a jet

This is the hilarious response to when a suspect tries to steal a jet

A 31-year-old man’s alleged attempt to steal a plane from a Colorado airport inspired local authorities to create a social media series called “Note to Self.”

Last week, Sterlin Antonio tried to overtake a Gulfstream jet, jumping a fence at the Centennial Airport, and drawing the attention of a police helicopter in the process. Officials likened the incident to something from the popular video game “Grand Theft Auto.” 

For their first “Note to Self” installment on Facebook, the local sheriff’s office wrote about Antonio. 

“This note is based on an actual incident (this week) where a suspect male breached the secure perimeter to the runway at Centennial Airport in an attempt to steal a jet and fly to Hawaii,” officials wrote. “We’ve all been at the point where we needed a vacation, but this took it a little far… note to self… video games are not real…stealing a jet will not go well. The suspect was arrested and is facing several attempted theft and trespassing charges.” 

What else do we know about this crime straight out of a video game? 

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