This is the fallout of the riot for Capitol Police officers

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On this day in 1906, the Dow Jones Industrial Average surpassed a big benchmark, but people didn’t care too much about the market yet. Can you guess what that big milestone was?

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5 things you need to know before the market opens today

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The market appeared to be off to a good start this morning, despite yesterday’s losses, and despite the continued political unrest and the pandemic’s continued presence.

House Democrats are still obsessing about the possibility of impeachment, and are planning to ask Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th amendment so as to remove President Donald Trump from the White House.

Meanwhile, FBI officials have said that there could be armed protests in capital buildings all over the country ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration.

And the happiest place on earth will soon be a vaccination site. This week California’s Disneyland is slated to open for the sole purpose of administering shots. So far, not even one third of the 25 million distributed doses have been given.

What else is going on in the markets this morning?

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This is the fallout of the riot for Capitol Police officers

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A minimum of ten Capitol Police officers are now under investigation following last week’s riot that left five people dead, a lawmaker said yesterday. Two more officers have reportedly already been suspended.

One officer’s suspension followed an apparent selfie with protestors, while the other supposedly directed people into the building while donning a Make America Great Again hat.

Names have not been released.

“The main point is the Capitol Police are looking at everybody involved that could have potentially facilitated at a big level or a small level,” said Representative Tim Ryan, whose committee is among those responsible for supervising the Capitol Police.

Chief Steven Sund has already shared that he plans to step down.

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