This Cleveland man marries the sister of the man he is accused of killing

This Cleveland man marries the sister of the man he is accused of killing

An Ohio man on house arrest just married the sister of the person he was already convicted of killing. John Tiedjen served 32 years for murdering Brian McGary, but new evidence prompted the judge to toss out the ruling and allow for another trial. 

While Tiedjen was out on bond, he married McGary’s sister, Crystal Straus (now, Crystal Tiedjen).

Apparently, Crystal believes her brother committed suicide, and she believes in her new husband’s innocence.

“With all my heart, I love her,” said John Tiedjen. “There is nobody else I think about, and I want to be with her my whole life. And I wrote her a letter back and I said I didn’t do it, take a look at this stuff. I believe in God too, and I know things about it, but I didn’t do it.”

John’s defense attorney officiated the ceremony. What’s next for the couple?

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