These Texas firefighters rescue eight teens stuck on a roller coaster

These Texas firefighters rescue eight teens stuck on a roller coaster

A 47-year-old roller coaster got stuck this weekend, leaving eight teenagers stranded 60 feet in the air, authorities say.

The ride, called El Bandido, is located in the Western Playland Amusement Park that straddles the Texas and New Mexico border. Police arrived on the scene just before 9 p.m. on Saturday and helped the passengers climb a ladder truck down to safety. 

From start to finish, the ordeal took about two hours. No one sustained any injuries during that time. 

“Waiting that long was pretty wild for us, but we were all grateful that we got down safely,” one passenger said. 

The owner of the amusement park removed the two cars that sparked the problem before the ride resumed operation on Sunday. 

What do we know about the cause of the incident at this time? 

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