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5 things to know before the stock market opens today

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average is poised for a 200-point gain this morning after the benchmark fell 0.5% yesterday. The Nasdaq and the S&P 500 also drifted downward on Tuesday, slipping 1.7% and 0.8%, respectively.

This morning ADP releases its latest look at private payrolls for the month of February. Analysts hope that the report reflects an additional 225,000 jobs. In January, that number came in at 174,000.

In Washington, meanwhile, the Senate is slated to begin debating its version of the House-approved massive virus relief bill. This iteration of the legislation will not include a federal minimum wage hike.

And President Joe Biden said yesterday that there will soon be enough vaccine doses for “every adult in America.” He anticipates reaching this milestone by the end of May. This announcement comes as the governors in both Texas and Mississippi are relaxing their virus restrictions.

In other news, big companies are pushing Congress to create a path toward citizenship for ‘dreamers.’

What else is influencing the market this morning, and what are the key stocks to watch?

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Johnson & Johnson CEO talks about a vaccine partnership with the company's rival

Image Source: Reuters

The pandemic has brought an unprecedented partnership into the limelight. Former rivals Merck and Johnson & Johnson are working together to produce a new single-shot version of the vaccine.

“Extraordinary times take extraordinary efforts,” said Alex Gorsky, who is the CEO of Johnson & Johnson.

His company’s vaccine just received FDA clearance to distribute their one-dose drug that is 66% effective at keeping the virus at bay. Their vaccine is also 86% effective at keeping recipients from getting severely sick, and it was 100% effective at preventing deaths and hospitalizations, data shows.

Merck is apparently lending a couple of its facilities for the drug’s production.

“The real war here is against [the virus], and I couldn’t think of a better partner than Merck, a company with an incredibly strong reputation,” said Gorsky. “We think it’s going to add considerably to our capabilities both near and in the long term.”

What else should you know about this partnership?

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