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Image Source: Santa Fe New Mexican

You know things are off to a rocky start when a Presidential candidate and his Vice Presidential pick won’t take questions from their biggest fans.


And while America might have some tough questions for the two of them, the media is too busy falling all over themselves to ask anything difficult.


So, why not at least pretend like you’re willing to dialog with the public?


If this is any indicator for what we’re in for between now and election day, I think Team Trump will win this with bells on.


Especially when you think about what Dr. Fauci has to see in our second feature of the day…


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Dr. Anthony Fauci on a conference call

Image Source:Fox News

America’s most recognizable member of the National Institute of Allergy just made a pretty big statement.


Infectious Diseases Direct Dr. Anthony Fauci has come out and said there’s “no reason” our nation can’t vote in person for the upcoming 2020 election.


Of course, there were some caveats.


And he didn’t make any guarantees.


Let’s sit back and see what the Democrats have to say about that…


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