The number of job openings surge above 10 million for the first time

The number of job openings surge above 10 million for the first time

Yesterday, the Labor Department reported a whopping 10 million job openings in June, a figure that represents a new record. That is one million more payrolls than economists had expected. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the hospitality sector led the way, with over 1.6 million job openings. Health care came next with 1.5 million available spots. 

“Labor demand keeps getting stronger,” said Nick Bunker, who is the director of research at Indeed Hiring Lab. “This is the third straight month of record-breaking job openings. The quits rate is also close to its all-time high, which was set just two months ago in April. This wave of demand will eventually recede, but job seekers should ride it until then.” 

This news came on the heels of a promising July jobs report, which went out last week. 

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