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Thursday morning was looking at a stock market dip as Dow futures slid 250 points. The loss came as investors grappled with concerns over the mounting coronavirus cases.

The Labor Department this morning also released its initial jobless claim report, with economists projecting about 740,000 new filings, a decrease of 11,000 from the week before.

Moderna saw its shares increase this morning when it said it would “begin a planned interim analysis,” meaning we should soon have some data about its effectiveness.

In the U.S., total virus cases peaked yesterday at an all-time pandemic high of more than 144,100 cases, with nearly 2,000 deaths. One of Joe Biden’s coronavirus advisors has suggested that a nationwide lockdown would help mitigate the spread.

What other virus news should you be aware of today?

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What does the perfect stock look like?



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What would it look like?

No doubt it would have hundreds of billions in revenue – more than tech giants like IBM, Facebook and Google.

It would probably be a leader in cutting-edge technology like smartphones, robotics, e-commerce and medical equipment.

It would have tens of thousands of unbreakable patents.

It would pay an enormous dividend.

It would be on the verge of dozens of blockbuster announcements that would send the stock higher and higher.

And most of all…

It would trade ultra-cheap – less than $3.

It seems crazy that such a stock exists.

But it does.



This is what the virus means for Thanksgiving

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If you and your family are unsure of how to handle Thanksgiving plans this year, you are not alone. Many are grappling with how to create a “home for the holidays” feeling without necessarily visiting with loved ones in person.

Because there is such a spectrum for people’s risk factor and whether or not the guidelines are being followed, outdoor dining is preferable when possible, if you do decide to enjoy an in-person gathering.

“Encourage guests to avoid singing or shouting, especially indoors. Keep music levels down so people don’t have to shout or speak loudly to be heard,” the CDC suggests. “Encourage attendees to wash their hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.”

What else can you do to mitigate your risk for the virus while still enjoying family time?

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