The 10 Most Hated Companies In America This Year


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No,this isn’t a new list. It’s something American’s rank every single year.


But since 2020 seems to be the “Year of Hate” – it’s interesting to see who made it on (and if anyone fell off.)


Let’s face it – while the “voice” of America shouts about fighting for equality and peace, I’m beginning to suspect that there’s something America wants even more:


Someone that it’s “safe” and “acceptable” to hate.


So, when they aren’t busy targeted politicians, companies are just an easy target.


And these 10 offer an interesting mix of seemingly easy targets…


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A map where America is in flames

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I’m going to be 100% honest with you. I’m going to be out of town this weekend, so I’m actually writing this to you in the wee hours of Sunday morning while everyone else is still asleep.


And the data from the article was tabulated on Thursday, exactly 100 days after the wave of protesters started back on May 26th.


So, this count may not be totally accurate right now. Especially when you see how many more cities the protesters have their sights set on now…


But, with that said, no matter how much the Left tries to downplay it, the numbers are pretty much terrifying.


And not a single state in the nation hasn’t seen at least one protest – even if they were totally and not just “mostly” peaceful.


Because there were actually 7 whole states where things stayed peaceful, just like a real protest should.


But, that’s about the only one of the stats that looks on the brighter side.


In all, there have been 7,750 demonstrations, in 2,440 locations. And, based on that 7% figure, that means about 550 (543) of them were violent.


Those protests were restricted to “only” 220 locations across the nation.


Here’s what else you need to know. And be sure to scroll down and see which cities they’ll be descending on next.


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