Six people are dead (suspect included) in this UK shooting

Six people are dead (suspect included) in this UK shooting

Six people are dead following a shooting in southwest England overnight, authorities say.

According to police, a “serious firearms incident” call came in somewhere around 6 p.m.

Four people had been shot and were pronounced dead on the scene. Police shared that the victims included two men and two women, but have not yet released their identities. A third woman was hospitalized before she died. 

The suspected shooter was also pronounced dead on the scene, though authorities have not shared his cause of death yet. 

“There have been a number of fatalities at the scene and several other casualties are receiving treatment,” officials said. “A critical incident has been declared. The area has been cordoned off and police believe the situation is contained.”

Do authorities suspect the incident is terror related?

This is a developing story.

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