Pentagon chief: U.S. forces can’t help Americans flee to the airport

Pentagon chief: U.S. forces can't help Americans flee to the airport

Yesterday, the Pentagon chief said that the US military cannot transport Americans to the Kabul airport in Afghanistan amid the Taliban takeover.

“I don’t have the capability to go out and extend operations currently into Kabul,” said Lloyd Austin, the defense secretary. “And where do you take that? How far can you extend into Kabul and how long does it take to flow those forces in to be able to do that?”

So Americans living in the country are forced to pray that the Taliban upholds their end of an agreement with the US in order to reach the airport.

“[We are] going to evacuate everybody that we can physically and possibly evacuate and we’ll conduct this process for as long as we possibly can,” he said.

Much like the story above, this offers no reassurance. 

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