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Sometimes it’s easy to forget that we’re aimlessly spinning around in space. Today’s edition should bring that back, close to home.


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In 2019, 215 whales stranded themselves on the beach.

Many of them died.

And now, scientists think they might know what’s causing it.
The sun.
It turns out that solar storms millions of miles away can disrupt our magnetic field.
And when that happens, whales are essentially swimming “blind.”

Image Source: Futurism

“We think whales are getting stranded more often during solar storms because they’ve gone blind,” said first author Jesse Granger. “The impacts of these storms on Earth could be shutting down the animals’ ability to sense the magnetic field.”


But scientists still don’t understand exactly what’s happening.


And even if we do “understand it” it doesn’t mean that we can stop the problem.


It’s just one more reminder that what happens here on Earth is intimately tied with our dance in the heavens.

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5G has been promised for years.
In 2020, it’s finally here.

By year’s end… almost 100% of the country will be 5G-capable. Stocks have already shot up in anticipation of its arrival. Extraordinary gains like 11,567%… 8,580%… 7,311%… The list goes on and on.

Apple isn’t the only smartphone maker launching a 5G-enabled phone. Every major consumer electronics company on the planet is launching its own 5G devices. And every single one of these devices – they will number in the billions – will depend on an essential component to connect to 5G.

Jeff Brown spotted the company that provides that component. This is a stock that investors will want to own.

Due to the amount of activity, this opportunity can end at any time.

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