One person is dead and ten are injured in this massive Florida condo collapse

One person is dead and ten are injured in this massive Florida condo collapse
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One person is dead and ten are injured in this massive Florida condo collapse

A view of the partially collapsed condo in South Florida
Image Source: Chandan Khanna / Getty Images 

A 12-story condominium in South Florida partially collapsed into a pile of rubble early this morning, killing at least one resident. Authorities have deployed over 80 units in an effort to pluck other survivors from the debris.  

Cars as far as two blocks away from the wreck are coated in dust, and a minimum of ten people are injured. 

“The building has literally pancaked,” said the town’s mayor, Charles Burkett. “It has gone down, and I mean there’s just feet in between stories where there was 10 feet. That is heartbreaking because it doesn’t mean to me that we’re gonna be as successful as we would want to be to find people alive.” 

The town’s police sergeant said he wants residents to stay out of the area as the search and rescue effort continues. The cause of the collapse remains unclear.

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What are the top market highlights that you need to be aware of this morning?

An Eli Lilly and Company manufacturing plant
Image Source: Mike Segar / Reuters

Stocks were poised for gains on Thursday, and the 10-year Treasury yield inched higher, as investors awaited a suite of economic reports out this morning. 

The latest look at weekly jobless claims is released today, and analysts anticipate that number dropping to 380,000 from 412,000 the week prior. 

Meanwhile, May’s durable orders are expected to rise nearly 3%, and an updated GDP will likely reflect more than 6% growth. 

In Washington, lawmakers across the political aisle are working together to craft a $953 billion infrastructure plan, down from the president’s $1.7 trillion offer. 

And finally, Eli Lilly is seeking an accelerated path to FDA approval for its Alzheimer’s drug. Shares of the company rose 8% during premarket trading on the news. 

What other market highlights should you be aware of this morning?

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