One person is dead after the Taliban violently disperses a rare protest

One person is dead after the Taliban violently disperses a rare protest

One person is dead after a protest in eastern Afghanistan ended violently today. Apparently, the incident occurred in Jalalabad as residents lowered the Taliban flag and flew the national flag instead. 

That’s when the Taliban struck attendees with batons, and shot their weapons into the air. A local journalist said he was attacked as he tried to report on what he saw. 

So far, six people have been wounded. 

This comes after the militant organization claimed that things would be different from the last time they were in power. 

Meanwhile, yesterday, Taliban fighters apparently patrolled checkpoints at the Kabul airport, where they attacked Afghans trying to enter. 

According to Jake Sullivan, America’s national security adviser, the insurgent group had previously said that they would not block access to Hamid Karzai International Airport in the coming weeks. 

But what happens if the Taliban doesn’t make good on their word? 

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