Just how far will tech stocks plunge today?

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Despite the writing on the wall, yesterday’s stock market plunge caught a lot of investors by surprise.


We talked yesterday about why this pull back is actually a good thing – but how long is it going to last?


The Dow Jones Industrial Average futures look like it will  make back about 100 points of Thursday’s 807 point, or 2.8%, rout ahead of the government’s August employment report.


The tech-led reversal weighed even heavier on the S&P 500, which lost 3.5%, and the Nasdaq, which lost a whopping 5%.


S&P and Nasdaq futures were under continued pressure Friday.


As bad as Thursday’s sell-off was it did come after a powerful summer rally that had sent the S&P 500 and Nasdaq to multiple record highs and the Dow to about 3% away from its record high on Feb. 12.


So what can we expect to happen as we head into the long weekend?


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