Is Elon Musk ‘absolutely out into space’ when it comes to his Mars colonization dreams?

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5 things to know before the stock market opens today

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Futures rose slightly after yesterday’s sharp sell-off triggered by fear around increasing bond yields and inflation. Investors had been looking to Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell to ease their concerns on this front, but his Thursday remarks didn’t address how the Fed might keep bond yields in check.

The 10-year treasury yield climbed higher today, hitting approximately 1.56% this morning.

Also today, investors will get a clearer picture of the jobs picture for February. This morning the Labor Department releases its report on payrolls added last month. Economists anticipate that 210,000 new jobs were created versus the 49,000 that were added in January.

And senators will continue to debate the Democrats’ $1.9 trillion virus relief package today as lawmakers attempt to push the legislation to President Joe Biden before unemployment programs end soon.

Finally, Connecticut is the latest state to ease up on some of its virus restrictions, though masks are still required throughout the state.

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Is Elon Musk 'absolutely out into space' when it comes to his Mars colonization dreams?

Image Source: NASA

Is Elon Musk “absolutely out into space” when it comes to his Mars colonization dreams?

One science journalist certainly believes so.

“You can choose between your blood boiling, you know, fizzing up like a can of soda, dying from having your muscles deteriorate, freezing to death. You name it, you have a lot of options,” said Shannon Stirone, whose piece, “Mars is a Hellhole,” recently appeared in The Atlantic.

Stirone also condemns Musk’s motivation for traveling to the red planet, calling it “colonialistic.”

“The difference with him [Musk] is it’s not driven by a scientific motive for discovery and search for truth, instead it’s a colonizing, imperialistic, property-value, dominating, factor, which I think is terrible.”

Of course, Musk totally disagrees.

“The important thing is that we establish Mars as a self-sustaining civilization,” he has said.

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