If Biden’s capital gains tax hike happens, experts are warning of big sell-offs

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Five things you need to know before you start your day

Image Source: NYSE

Stock futures have seen a modest rise this morning, just one day after Wall Street pumped the brakes on news that President Biden wants to propose much higher capital gains taxes for the rich.

What does “much higher” mean?

Well, according to both Bloomberg and The New York Times, those earning over $1,000,000 would see their capital gains rise from the 20% they pay now to a rate of 39.6%.

That news led to declines of about 1% each in all of the major indexes.

On the digital currency side of the economy, BTC and some of the other bigger players saw their values sink – ultimately shaving about $200 billion from the global market.

What other news and developments will move the market today?

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Police cam footage from Columbus

Image Source: News Chant USA

Democrats have stooped to a new low in their quest for ratings and sensationalism and insane wokeness. Because now, instead of discouraging children and teens from stabbing each other and getting into knife fights, these leftists have a new agenda to just let it happen.

In the words of Bree Newsome, “Teenagers have been having fights, including fights involving knives, for eons,” meaning a very long time. “We do not need police to address these situations by showing up to the scene and using a weapon against one of the teenagers.”

They want it protected as if it’s a human right for teens to stand out in the yard, brandishing knives and other bladed weapons without any interference from police.

And this is not parody or satire. And like you and me, Tucker Carlson has had enough.

“Stabbing people has long been taboo in this country, especially for those under 18. For decades, young Americans have hidden their switchblades, their stilettos, their K-Bars, and machetes. Kids were forced to live as if plunging blades into strangers was something to be ashamed of instead of a normal, healthy part of childhood. No more. Knife fights are human rights. Stabbing can finally come out of the closet.”

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