How this man survives a tiger attack that killed his friends in India

How this man survives a tiger attack that killed his friends in India

Three young men were riding a motorcycle through the forests of northern India when they crashed their bike and were attacked by wild tigers, officials say. 

Only one person, 23-year-old Vikas Kumar, survived the tragic incident because his hard helmet surprised the beast that attempted to eat him. Apparently, the trio spotted two tigers alongside the road, and the 22-year-old driver panicked, leading to the wreck. 

Vikas Kumar climbed up a tree, as did 35-year-old Kandhai Lal, but Kandhai was pulled down by a tiger. 

“I could hear his screams for a few seconds and then it stopped. [The driver] Sonu [Kumar] was killed in front of me. I was extremely scared but gathered courage to jump onto another tree later. I didn’t move one bit, closed my eyes and started praying. I knew that if the tigers found my location they would kill me for sure. They are known to climb trees.” 

He continued: “…The tigers will always live in my head. I will hear them growl for the rest of my years on this Earth.”

How did he manage to get back to safety and survive? 

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