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Futures increased this morning, but two of the three major benchmarks are down for the month overall right now. The Nasdaq Composite has shed 3.5% so far this month, while the S&P 500 dropped 0.6%. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is the only winner at this point—increasing approximately 1%.

After a wild week that culminated in big losses for the digital currency market, the world’s largest digital currency appears to be poised for a comeback (more on that in the story, below).

And as Memorial Day fast approaches, the number of virus cases in this country is continuing to decline at a rapid pace. According to the latest data from Johns Hopkins University, the weekly average of new infections is coming in at approximately 26,000 cases a day—a number not seen in nearly a year.

Over the weekend, Virgin Galactic executed a “flawless” spaceflight, which fueled a 20% increase in shares in premarket trading this morning.

What other headlines should you have on your radar right now?

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Digital currency is taking off like never before. NOW is the time to get in


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The world’s second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap is leading what the experts call “altseason” – the phase of the crypto bull crypto market when Bitcoin’s gains are greatly surpassed by alternative coins.

As the Federal Reserve and the U.S. government print, borrow and spend like there’s no tomorrow…

Bond investors are getting scared. And they’re taking their capital elsewhere.

Most notably, into cryptocurrencies.

But not all altcoins will rise with the tide.

The video I’ve just released could be the single most valuable presentation I’ve ever given.


A coin with the letter ''B'' on it is cast in a red light

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It appears that the darling of the digital currency world is poised for a comeback after a wild week sent the price of the world’s largest digital currency plummeting over the weekend.

Yesterday, the digital asset had fallen below $32,000 before climbing closer to $37,000 this morning.

The modest recovery across the market offers reassurance for investors who may have been rattled by last week’s rollercoaster-like unpredictability. Digital currencies of all kinds suffered as the industry was barraged with a slew of negative news.

“The asset class continues to be highly volatile, with the potential of significant price movements resulting from a single tweet or public comment,” one analyst said.

What else has contributed to the widespread sell-off last week, and what else should you keep an eye on in the coming days?

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