How a mysterious baked-bean vandal has been terrorizing this small UK town

How a mysterious baked-bean vandal has been terrorizing this small UK town

Residents in a small United Kingdom town want police to “spill the beans” about the mysterious vandal who has been terrorizing their neighborhood as of late. 

Cans of baked beans have been spilt across doorsteps, cars, and even stuffed inside mailboxes, residents report. 

Just who is the bandit behind all the vandalism? 

Authorities have never bean so unsure. 

“The victims are understandably distressed by this unacceptable behavior,” an official said on Facebook. 

Authorities say they will be on the lookout for suspicious behavior until the vandal has been apprehended.

And this isn’t the first time baked beans have been deployed to terrorize UK residents. When did this happen before? 

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