How a football fight turns deadly outside this iconic restaurant

How a football fight turns deadly outside this iconic restaurant

A 23-year-old is dead after getting into a fight outside a popular cheesesteak restaurant in the City of Brotherly love, officials say. 

Apparently, a dispute over football quickly escalated and ended in gunfire before the men could order their food at Pat’s King of Steaks. 

“They were arguing and it turned into a fight,” said the restaurant’s general manager. “One guy grabbed the other guy and got him in a grip, and the other guy pulled out a gun and shot him in the torso. It was one shot. The cops came right away.”

The suspect was apprehended at Independence Hall, while the victim died of his wound in a nearby hospital. 

“My employees are pretty shaken up,” the owner said. 

Apparently, the restaurant was closed for only a few hours as authorities investigated.

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