Chinese parents are reunited with their son 24 years after he was abducted

Chinese parents are reunited with their son 24 years after he was abducted

A 51-year-old man and his wife finally got to embrace their 26-year-old son after more than two decades of searching for him. Guo Xinzhen was only two-and-a-half years old when he was abducted by a woman and her boyfriend, who turned around and sold him to a couple who lived in Central China.

That couple has so far admitted to trafficking three boys, and could potentially face the death penalty for their crime. 

Guo Xinzhen’s father had made it his life’s work to find his son, traversing the country by motorcycle and working alongside police to reunite children with their parents. He evidently “wore out” 10 different bikes in this effort. 

“Thank you for participating in anti-trafficking activities for 24 years and helping more than 100 children return home,” officials said in response to his efforts. 

How was this beautiful reunion orchestrated? How was Guo Xinzhen finally found?

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