Here are the top market happenings to know this morning

Today marks the first trading day of August, and futures indicate that investors will see a positive start to the month. Markets this week likely be impacted by a suite of jobs reports, which will be released beginning Wednesday. 

To start, ADP will share its look at private-sector jobs created in July. On Thursday, the government will report its latest look at unemployment claims, and on Friday it will release its jobs report for the previous month. 

Additionally, a slew of S&P 500 companies are set to report their quarterly earnings this week, and investors will be monitoring those reports for signs of wage inflations. 

Meanwhile, in Washington, senators met this weekend to finish writing their $550 billion infrastructure bill, which will soon be introduced in the chamber. 

And Jack Dorsey’s company, Square, is set to buy Afterpay, after announcing a $29 billion deal yesterday evening. 

What other headlines should you be aware of this morning?

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What happens to two Americans who used fake vaccine documents to travel?

Two American travelers lied about receiving negative virus tests, and about their vaccination status, in order to travel to Canada, authorities say. Now, they are being fined approximately $16,000 each.

The tourists apparently arrived sometime around July 18, and they also failed to meet the requirements that the government has implemented for travelers upon their arrival. These rules include provisions like staying at a hotel for several nights until a negative test is produced. 

“Violating any quarantine or isolation instructions provided to travelers by a screening officer or quarantine officer when entering Canada is also an offense under the Quarantine Act and could lead to a $5,000 fine for each day of non-compliance…” officials said. 

What happens next for these travelers?

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This is the one piece of good news on the virus front I’ve heard

The mixed messages out of the White House and the back and forth from the CDC are not only frustrating Americans, they are totally destroying whatever smidge of credibility authorities had left. You see, as I reported yesterday, officials are willing to consider, if not embrace, safety measures they had already said were behind us. Think: masks, lockdowns.

And as I reported earlier today, the CDC went so far as to release a pretty damning document about just how dangerous the Delta variant really is.

It’s all starting to feel a bit grim and depressing if you ask me.

But the former chief of the Food and Drug Administration did actually offer a glimmer of hope on this front, and I wanted to share it with you.

Because if he’s right, then things really are NOT as bad as some are making them seem.

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A 22-year-old YouTube “icon” is dead after tragic fall

A young YouTuber was filming a video in the Italian Alps when he plummeted more than 650 feet to his death this week, officials say. 

Albert Dyrlund, who was only 22 years old, was pronounced dead before he could be taken to get any medical attention. He was on Mount Seceda when he fell. 

His music videos and funny persona won him a deeply loyal fan base. He had more than 171,000 subscribers on YouTube and more than 233,000 followers on Instagram. 

Since news of his death hit the internet, condolences have been pouring in.

“I’m completely out of it. I am ready to cry and empty of words,” another YouTuber wrote. “I cannot understand it. I will forever remember all our memories… Thanks for this time, my friend. Rest In peace.”

What else do we know about the tragedy at this time?

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The variant is as contagious as chickenpox now?

Yesterday, the CDC released a document that claims the Delta variant of the coronavirus is not only as contagious as chickenpox, it may even make Americans sicker.

The strain, which is now the most prominent in the U.S., also beats out the common cold, the 1918 Spanish flu, smallpox, and even Ebola in terms of how transmissible it is. 

Officials used dark language to describe the variant: “The war has changed.”

Even among those who are fully vaccinated, there are apparently 35,000 infections being recorded each week.

Almost 6,000 people who received the jab have either gone to the hospital or died from the virus, according to the latest data available. 

“My first thoughts in reading it was that everything is a little bit worse than I thought,” one doctor said. “This document and some of the other information says you’ve got to be open to the possibility that Delta is worse in a number of ways and may upend some of our prior assumptions in ways that are meaningful.”

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A swarm of bees killed a man and injured five more people

An Arizona man is dead, and five other people sustained injuries, after a swarm of bees attacked earlier this week, officials say. 

Their hive was thought to weigh about 100 pounds, and, when it was disturbed, the bees evidently became violent. It is unclear just what provoked the insects.

Three of those assaulted by the bugs suffered hundreds of stings, fire department officials say. One of the victims died at the hospital from his wounds. 

Even the first responders were stung several times. Eventually, the hive was spotted close to where the incident occurred, just outside an Arizona home. 

That hive has since been removed, but officials warn that residents are not in the clear just yet. 

“Although the area is much safer, there are still some lingering bees,” officials said. “Please continue to use caution while in the area…”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this week’s fatality contributes to an average of 62 people who lose their lives to these stings each year.

What else do we know about the incident so far?

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Are more lockdowns on deck for Americans under the Biden regime?

You cannot trust a single thing that President Joe Biden says. You and I know this. We don’t need more proof, but it keeps pouring in, regardless.

Peter Doocy, with Fox News, recently called the administration out for reversing its stance on masks, after Biden had previously promised that they would be a thing of the past. 

He also nodded to the fact that the president had said lockdowns were done, once and for all. 

“Why should Americans trust him now?” he asked deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. 

“Well, because we listen to the scientists,” she said. “We listen to the experts. This is a public health situation, this is not about politics at all.” 

When Doocy asked if shutdowns were possible should the scientists recommend them, the press secretary’s response made me believe we should brace ourselves for the worst news.

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This UK man gets five years behind bars for a string of cat killings

A 54-year-old UK man was sentenced to more than five years behind bars today for fatally stabbing nine cats and injuring several more.

Steve Bouquet is a former security guard who began his spate of animal killings in Brighton in late 2018, authorities say. He apparently kept a photo of a dead cat on his phone, and a bloody knife with his DNA on it was recovered at his home. 

A security camera first revealed that Bouquet was the man behind the tragic killings. 

“None of us can comprehend what drove Bouquet to do this to family pets,” a prosecutor said. “This has been a tragic case for all the owners involved. Not only did Steve Bouquet inflict horrendous suffering to each of the animals he attacked, but he also caused real trauma to their owners, many of whom found their beloved pets injured and bleeding.”

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What are the top highlights in the market this morning?

Today marks the final trading day of the month, and futures were indicating that Wall Street would open lower. That said, all three major averages were slated to log gains for July as a whole.

Investors are now digesting the Federal Reserve’s darling inflation gauge, which reflects the latest look at core personal consumption expenditures. 

Meanwhile, companies like Chevron and Procter & Gamble reported better-than-expected earnings and saw their shares increase 1.5% and 1% in the premarket, respectively. 

Amazon, on the other hand, warned that it expected its growth to stall some in the third quarter. 

And the CDC is slated to release data today that attempts to explain its latest rule reversal on masks. 

What else should you have on your radar this morning?

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Is real-life Iron Man back? This pilot believes he is

If you’ve ever watched the movie Iron Man, then you might think the pilot who reported seeing a “possible jetpack man” earlier this week had in fact spotted Tony Stark. 

“A Boeing 747 pilot reported seeing an object that might have resembled a jetpack 15 miles east of LAX at 5,000 feet altitude,” an official with the Federal Aviation Administration said. “Out of an abundance of caution, air traffic controllers alerted other pilots in the vicinity.” 

Wednesday’s sighting was certainly not the first time he (or it) was spotted soaring across the Los Angeles skies. He was first seen in September, and then again in October.

The FAA and FBI were investigating those incidences, and some believed the object was a drone made to look like a human. This latest sighting comes as more and more Americans are seeing unidentified flying objects in their day-to-day lives.

What do you think the mysterious jet-pack is?

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