Faux president Biden and team are AWOL after epic failure in Afghanistan

Biden’s withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan sets a new precedent for what a failure he can be. After the Taliban took over Kabul, including the presidential palace, Biden decided to send 1,000 American troops into the country, meaning there is now a presence of 6,000.

Yesterday, Americans in Afghanistan’s capital were instructed to fill out paperwork and hide in place. The U.S. Embassy flag was lowered, despite the fact that, as of Thursday, a spokesman for the State Department maintained that an evacuation was not planned. 

“This is not abandonment,” Ned Price had said. “This is not an evacuation. This is not the wholesale withdrawal. That this is a reduction in the size of our civilian footprint. The embassy remains open and we plan to continue our diplomatic work in Afghanistan.” 

Earlier this morning, Fox News reported that the Kabul International Airport had to suspend flights because hundreds of people were crowding the runways, in an effort to escape the crisis. Other news reports shared that people were actually falling from U.S. Military cargo planes that had already departed. 

As all of this chaos plays out, Biden cannot even be bothered to show up for work. Neither can White House press secretary Jen Psaki. 

No wonder Trump is calling for his resignation right now.

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Three people are dead and two more are hurt after this Texas bar shooting

Three people are dead and two more are hurt after an argument outside a sports bar erupted into gunfire, authorities say. 

According to police, the incident occurred early in the morning yesterday, just outside a San Antonio watering hole. 

The police chief, William McManus, said the fight occurred at the Boom Boom Sports Bar. 

“An individual went to the car, got a gun — a long gun — came back, shot five people in the parking lot,” the chief said. 

Police have not yet released the details of the disagreement that sparked the shooting, or any information about the suspect or the victims. All officials have said so far is that the individuals who were shot had been in their 20s or 30s. 

What happens next?

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What are the top things that will impact the market this week?

Investors were banking on stocks tied to an economic recovery last week, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 enjoying new highs and the Nasdaq Composite remaining relatively muted. In the week ahead, traders will be concerned about a retail sales report, released on Tuesday, and minutes from the Federal Reserve’s latest meeting, for some guidance on when the central bank will begin tapering. 

“I do think there will be a resurgence of the relation trade,” said one analyst. “I do think you can buy some of the cheap cyclicals.” 

Also this week, Walmart, Home Depot, Macy’s, and Target are among the major companies slated to report their latest earnings.

What else should you have on your radar for the week ahead?

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A horse is stolen and hidden in this South Carolina bedroom

A South Carolina woman saw her nephew riding a horse down the street, which was unusual, because he didn’t own one. The man, whose identity has not been released, apparently led the animal into a home owned by his father. That’s when she called the police. 

Apparently, the suspect was not even supposed to be on the property, authorities said, after speaking to his father on the phone. 

Eventually, deputies entered the residence and found a disturbing scene. 

“I immediately observed that there was horse feces in the living room,” one of them said. 

Apparently, the alleged thief had been hiding with the horse in the bedroom. 

What happened next?

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The co-founder of this fact-checking site plagiarized more than 50 articles

Apparently, no one at the fact-checking site Snopes was fact-checking their writers. Because entire paragraphs were lifted directly from the likes of The New York Times and CNN, reporters say. 

One of the founders of the website, and a 50% Snopes shareholder, apparently plagiarized more than 50 articles.

“I didn’t come from a journalism background,” said David Mikkelson. “I wasn’t used to doing news aggregation. A number of times I crossed the line to where it was copyright infringement. I own that.”

What repercussions does he now face (if any) for his actions? 

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How a man tunneled through drywall into a pharmacy to steal these drugs

A Tennessee man apparently burrowed through the wall and into a Walgreens pharmacy in an effort to get the drugs he wanted, police say. 

According to authorities, the suspect, who has not been named, managed to remain out of sight in the store until closing time. That’s when he made his move. Officials did not share exactly how he managed to tunnel his way in, but, once he’d broke into the pharmacy, he took tons of opioids. 

The incident happened way back in May, but the suspect wasn’t apprehended until this week, after residents came forward with information. 

What charges does he now face?

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Why consumer sentiment is falling to a pandemic-era low

Consumer sentiment is falling fast, a University of Michigan report shows. That index shed 13% from July’s 81.2 reading to land at 70.2 in early August. 

That number reflects a new pandemic-era low, and it is the dourest outlook since 2011. The data also fell well below economist expectations for the month. 

According to a chief economist at the university, Richard Curtin, the Sentiment Index has only recorded such dramatic dips six other times, and each of those instances was “connected to sudden negative changes in the economy.” 

“Consumers have correctly reasoned that the economy’s performance will be diminished over the next several months,” Curtin said. “But the extraordinary surge in negative economic assessments also reflects an emotional response, mainly from dashed hopes that the pandemic would soon end.” 

What does he believe will happen next? Should we be worried?

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Florida man’s crime spree includes: shoes, two trucks, a four-wheeler, and a forklift

A Florida man is behind bars, with a hefty $88,000 bond, after going on a crime bender, officials say. 

According to authorities, the Ocala man stole two trucks, a car, a forklift, a four-wheeler, shoes, cigarettes, and a lighter. 

Charles Harrington apparently begins his stealing spree by taking a truck that eventually got stuck in the mud. Then, he took a car and the smokes from another Ocala residence. From there, he set his sights on a four-wheeler. 

Police say Harrington took the vehicle to a fernery property, where he asked to drink sprinkler water.

What happened next?

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As Biden’s failures snowball, Trump asks: “Do you miss me yet?”

The laundry list of President Joe Biden’s failures is growing by the day.

For one thing, as Fox just reported, insurgents are overtaking several capitals in Afghanistan, just before the last American troops are slated to withdraw. 

The southern border is anything but, with over 212,000 illegal immigrants entering this country in July alone. According to a reporter, that’s a 13% increase over a 20-year-record, set in June. 

Crime is soaring in areas where Democrats have loudly called for a defunding of the police force. 

Inflation is skyrocketing, with last month’s PPI report reflecting a 7.8% increase year-over-year. 

Former President Donald Trump released a statement today that asked the question he simply doesn’t have to: “Do you miss me yet?”

Does his question make you wonder whether he’s already setting the stage for his comeback in 2024?

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How did a toddler fatally shoot a Florida woman while she was working?

A 21-year-old mother was fatally shot by her toddler while she was working from home on Wednesday, authorities say.

Shamaya Lynn was apparently on a video phone call when the incident occurred. The handgun had been out, and it was loaded, when the child discovered it.

According to police, a coworker on the Zoom call saw the youngster, heard the gunshot, and then saw Lynn fall. She didn’t get back up. That colleague is the one who notified the authorities. 

“Officers and paramedics did their best in rendering aid to Mrs. Lynn,” officials said. “But she was found with a fatal gunshot wound to the head.” 

What else do we know about this tragic case so far?

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