Can investors really put faith in Putin?


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So, this morning the futures markets are up.


But it could all be on a rumor that has yet to pan out.


The biggest story of the day is that Vladimir Putin has claimed that Russia has registered first coronavirus vaccine worldwide.


And even though it’s just a rumor at this point – and has yet to have any evidence to seriously back it up – investors are taking it as an optimistic omen.


Buy the rumor, sell the news, I guess…


But the story still has the S&P 500 less than 1% away from all-time highs.


What else is moving the markets this morning?


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A microscopic view of a brain affected by Alzheimer's

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What in the world did we talk about before Robinhood came around?


Over the past several months, we’ve watched retail investors pile not only into the platform, but into some of the riskiest trades on Wall Street.


They’ve been accused of being like investing cowboys. Whatever was moving the fastest would be the new flavor of the week.


Sure, a lot of them were young and new to investing. But certainly not all of them.


Well, it’s beginning to look like these newbies are getting seasoned, because they’re all wising up en mass and honing in on businesses that actually make sense to us.


These 5 are a new flavor of the month you just might want to try…


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