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Morning Bullets - 5 Things You Need to Know

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The Federal Reserve Minutes indicate we’re still in trouble.


By now, they had expected the government to provide additional stimulus that is still stuck in stalemate status.


Their minutes sucked some enthusiasm out of investors and today, futures are down across all of the major US indexes.


Even the S&P 500, which is down about 0.36% at the time of this writing.


While all eyes were on the Fed Minutes yesterday, today’s big data drop will be the jobless report.


What kind of news are experts predicting?


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A white puzzle with one missing piece. The empty space reads ''Extra Income'' and the missing piece is green and says ''Side Hustle''

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I think it’s becoming clear that we can’t wait around on Washington to get their act together for the next wave of stimulus.


The good news is – with the right side hustle, you can pretty much print your own stimulus checks.


No Congressional act required.


But one of the biggest excuses we hear when it comes to starting a side hustle is “I’m too busy.”


Well, that might have worked for you before, but not anymore.


These Side Hustles work no matter how busy you are!


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