A woman stormed off from a wedding to be eaten alive by bears

A woman stormed off from a wedding to be eaten alive by bears

A Russian woman may have been eaten alive by a pack of bears after angrily leaving a wedding last month, officials say.

The 24-year-old woman, Yana Balobanova, apparently called to report that she was lost in the woods. 

Rescue dogs were deployed to try and find her, but at some point, her scent was overtaken by that of bears, experts said. The animal’s footprints were spotted nearby.

Apparently, an argument with another guest prompted her early departure from the party.

“It is no longer possible to hope that the woman will be found alive,” one official said. “If a person accidentally finds themselves between a bear and her cubs, the predator can attack immediately and harshly, without growls and warnings.” 

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