5 Joe Biden flip-flops from his first 100 days in office

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It’s Saturday, so I thought I’d come from a little out of left field. Instead of talking about financial trivia, today I thought we’d zoom in on some more general minutiae. On this day in 1930, our solar system got a little bit bigger. But later, we whittled it back down? What happened on this day in history that is still up in the air when it comes to our astronomical understanding. 

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Are you a racist? Chances are, you are!

Image Source: NYSE

It’s Saturday, so let me preface this segment by saying not to take yourself so seriously.

As it turns out, if you’re dark brown to the tune of hex #654321 or lighter, you might need to turn in your white privilege card.

And while the article I’m referencing is satire, the sentiment that inspired that push is absolutely not.

Because race-baiting in America has just gotten insane.

For those of us who are a little more sensitive to how others feel about our actions (aka, those who embrace the “do unto others approach” to life) this may come as a bit of a surprise.

So, as we start out this morning, let’s take a look at why (even in a satire format) I feel like this is a topic that we need to discuss…

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This is what a ''pure lie'' looks like

Image Source: The Wrap

Current President Joe Biden has been throwing a lot of shade on former President Donald Trump’s way over the border crisis that’s raging right now.

But former Department of Homeland Security, Chad Wolf, blasted those claims yesterday after Joe Biden claimed that Wolf’s agency “stonewalled” Biden’s transition team.

In essence, he’s saying that these delays directly correspond to the contemporary crisis at our southern border.

Here’s the back story:

Biden claimed in an interview with The Today Show that aired Friday morning that Wolf’s department refused to share information with Biden’s transition team, leaving a mess for Biden’s administration to clean up after he took office. Wolf ‘responded to the claims on Twitter and accused Biden of lying while trying to scapegoat former President Donald Trump’s administration for Biden’s policy failures.’

But according to Wolf, that isn’t the full picture.

“While I respect the Presidency, this is a pure lie. The admin is looking for any reason to explain the crisis they created. We briefed the transition team numerous, numerous times,” Wolf said.

Here’s what we know about this dispute so far…

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