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How Nebraska is stepping up to aid in the Biden-created border crisis
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How Nebraska is stepping up to aid in the Biden-created border crisis

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Just a couple of weeks ago, the governors of Texas and Arizona asked for help in managing the border crisis created by President Joe Biden’s administration.

“Given the staggering number of violations now occurring in Texas and Arizona, additional manpower is needed from any state that can spare it. With your help, we can apprehend more of these perpetrators of state and federal crimes, before they can cause problems in your state,” they said.

Already, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has committed several law enforcement officials to the cause.

And now, Pete Ricketts, the governor of Nebraska, has agreed to do the same.

“Nebraska is stepping up to help Texas respond to the ongoing crisis on their border with Mexico,” he said over the weekend. “The disastrous policies of the Biden-Harris Administration created an immigration crisis on the border. While the federal government has fallen short in its response, Nebraska is happy to step up to provide assistance to Texas as they work to protect their communities and keep people safe.”

How many state troopers will be headed to the border? What other details do we know right now?

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NYSE building

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Futures were quiet this morning after stocks bounced yesterday. The Dow Jones Industrial Average climbed nearly 600 points, to close almost 2% higher, while the S&P 500 increased 1.4%, and the Nasdaq inched 0.8% higher.

Meanwhile, GameStop saw its shares lurch ahead by about 9% after the company announced that it had raised over $1 billion.

And the world’s largest digital currency dipped approximately 3% this morning. In two months, the digital asset has plummeted over 50%, from $65,000 to just above $31,000.

The chairman of the Federal Reserve is slated to testify before a House committee today, and will discuss the economic growth that is still tempered by pandemic concerns.

And finally, Democrats in New York are set to select their nominees for mayor today.

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